Why your organization should be planning for an MSSP in the coming year?

Dear CIO – if serenity is what you are after, then perhaps I might offer some suggestions?

The IT world is gaining more clarity every day regarding the numerous advantages of working in an MSSP model. There has been much research conducted amongst IT professionals in this regard, and the top 3 benefits are clear.

  1. Full Coverage; even a 1 percent rate of fail could be a killer for any organization, therefore 24/7 monitoring was critical. 
  2. Access to expert security skills.
  3. Improved security effectiveness.

After that came the utility of having a broad knowledge base, and the intelligence based sharing that is so critical to creating a bigger picture.

The pros of the MSSP model has many other benefits including overall log monitoring and management. Log data is an aspect of IT management that can so easily get out of hand purely because there is just so much of it. It makes almost no sense to own all that data, without the ability to analyse it, and if it could be done in real time, all the better. Superior MSSPs have the ability to archive your log data to the cloud where it can be searched. Not to mention that once it has been consolidated and centralized, you are well on your way to streamlining your ‘pesky’ but never ending compliance reporting. You know you are onto a great MSSP when they provide you with compliance reporting modules.

The fact that working with an MSSP provides instant access to a whole team of security experts in their respective fields, and can do all of the above for a modest monthly fee that you can easily budget. It is because of these advantages, that the MSSP model is gaining greater popularity with enterprise IT departments. According to research most enterprises are planning for MSSP services in the next year. The MSSP is a way for companies to prioritize their business, and not spend valuable resources worrying about security. Serenity has no price, and is at the very top of this IT security category.

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