When is it Right to Setup a Security Operations Center?

WSetting up a well-functioning security SOC brings many processes together. Building the delicate balance across people, processes, and technology has to be weaved together, and precision is a key and foundational element. The risks involved with anything related to IT security are rising progressively and business across the global divide are seeking the best way to centralize their security operations, yet combine It perfectly into the form of a security operations center (SOC).

SOC’s can indeed support organizations in their effort to unify their processes. Imagine that all aspects of security are then consolidated to unify visibility, alerting, and investigation. Once this great merger has taken place, the unlimited benefits of this optimization improve the success of the SOC enabling faster response to incidents and the ability to be more accurate when deciphering an incident.

Let’s go back to the delicate balance of processes, people and technology and how to weave it together to combine and create an effective SOC that fulfils its mission to keep the enemy out. How and when the SOC is arranged needs to be carefully considered. These are the circumstances that initially need to be in place:

  • Your organization is on a growth spurt and handling increasing amounts of sensitive data. Organizations from 500 employees and up with 1000 endpoints are ready to enjoy the benefits of the investment in a dedicated SOC.  As organizational capacity goes up and employees and endpoints increase, rest assured that a dedicated team will greatly improve your and your customer’s security posture.
  • At a certain point with an evolving company, standard security practices will explode in terms of mass and complexity. You will have little choice but to implement a centralized policy management for password management, user access controls, adherence to compliance standards, and workstation security. The increased demand should provide ample work and justify a dedicated team.
  • Workflow for security monitoring and incident response is often the exception to that very same rule. If various aspects of security monitoring, alerting, escalation, investigation, and response responsibilities are scattered throughout your organization with no standard processes tying them together, tasks can easily fall through the cracks, and that is EXACTLY what an attacker is looking for – an open door.  The clear motive of a SOC is to marry process and workflows to tightly weave together an airtight organization so that is attack proof from the outside. By choosing to go ahead and create your own SOC dedicated to your security within your distinctive environment and threats – you will be in the best circumstances to face the superior outcome.

So, once you have these variables in place, make sure that you hire the right company for thids important role within your company.

To read more about CyberDome and their SOC setup capabilities see: https://cyberdome.net/security-operations-centers/

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