What is the best Defense for E Mail Attacks?

It is rarely malicious employees who are the sole source of insider threats. It is often well intentioned ones that inadvertently help perpetrators by providing them with a way to get into your system. Attackers use phishing techniques, such as spam e-mails in order to find out information about employees, receive their credentials or infect your system with malware. Phishing has had a resurgence and today companies drowning in spam e-mails containing malicious links.

A properly configured spam filter can be a good start to confronting this issue, in order to ensure that the most obvious spam is always blocked. Employee education is crucial here including simulating the many different types of phishing techniques and the best ways to deal with them, in order to better protect themselves and your company data.

Another critical step would be to implement a deep content filtering technology. Any solution selected will need to combine human intelligence with machine learning to automatically prevent, detect and respond to today’s sophisticated email phishing attacks using a multi-layered approach to combat the multi-disciplinary attacks that are being orchestrated today. The key here is to have the right solution in place, expediting the time from phishing attack to remediation from weeks to seconds, with minimal security team involvement.

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