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Intsights webinar

WEBINAR: IntSights: Understand Attacker’s motives in order to keep your company off breach lists in the Financial Services Sector 28 July 2021 15.00

Breaches in the banking and financial services sector can lead to devastating financial losses and irreversible reputational damage. Today’sbank “robbers” don’t have ski masks or duffelbags. They have savvy tools and techniques, advanced hacking skills, and underground cybercriminal forums that help them findholes in cybersecurity infrastructure.Just like banks have safes to protect moneyand valuables, theIntSights External ThreatProtection Suite delivers intelligence to identify, block, take down, and prevent targeted cyberattacks designed to gain access to and steal sensitive customer data.
- Introduction CyberDome
- Understand Attacker Motives to Keep Your Brand Off FinServ Breach Lists – Chris Strand
- IntSights External Threat Protection Suite – Product Demo – IntSIghts SE
- Q&A


WEBINAR: CyberDome: Latest Developments in Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) 5 August 2020 15.00

Between alert overload, complex security stacks and a lack of skilled personnel, security operations have never been harder to do efficiently and effectively. But more and more businesses are finding relief through security orchestration, automation and response – commonly known as SOAR – and the technology continues to advance in eye-opening ways that will result in faster and more informed investigations and responses for your SOC.
cymulate webinar CD

WEBINAR: Cymulate: Stay ahead of Cyber-attacks with Breach and Attack Simulation 25 JUNE 2020

After gaining an initial foothold, a hacker will use known techniques to propagate within your network in search for their objective. These techniques enable them to cloak their presence and escalate privileges to access high value assets undetected. Many of the techniques rely on vulnerability exploits, network misconfigurations and other weaknesses.
We will discuss: 
  1. How Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Enables you to perform continuous security validation
  2. How customers are using the Cymulate BAS platform to check the security controls that protect both office and the remote workers
  3. How BAS adds value to security operations, blue and red teams

WEBINAR: A People-Centric Approach to Managing Insider Threats 10 JUNE 2020

CyberDome understands the challenges and complexities facing today’s organizations . Insider threats are quickly becoming one sof the greatest cyber security threats that organizations face today. They are responsible for 3 million records being stolen every da, and at the heart of 57% of all database breaches last year (Verizon 2019). 

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ironscales webinar social

WEBINAR: Ironscales: Phishing Epidemic Webinar 12 MAY 2020

These are strange times , when we are working from home and connecting at a distance to our workplace network. and we know the cybercriminals are trying to take full advantage of the chaos. There is a staggering increase of COVID-related targeted phishing campaigns - some more sophisticated than the others. Our partner, IRONSCALES is committed to doing their part in defending businesses like yours, by offering their self-learning email security platform FREE to deploy and use for 60 days (no strings attached).
We cover the entire life cycle of security operations: prevention, detection, response and investigation.