The Proliferation of Crypto-mining Malware in Nigeria.

By Lateef Hamzat, John Olatunde and Awwal Ishiaku

Our experience in the last few months has shown a high rise in Crypto-mining malware in Nigeria. Our team has encountered several variants of such malware during our MSSP deployment for clients across sectors like energy, telecommunication and various government parastatals. We will take you through what some of these experiences look like and what to do to prevent them.

In the close of 2019, during an MSSP Onboarding Process for an Energy Company. We noticed suspicious activity via our Cyber-Technologies Tools deployed indicating a heavy Powershell usage in the environment that tends to halt legitimate process from running critical business applications. This was first identified on a single server within the network, but due to CyberDome Technology Stacking approach, we were able to identify that twelve (12) more servers which are critical to business have already been infected, all running Microsoft Windows.

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