Security Operations Centers


Design and Implementation of an Internal Security Operation Center (SOC).

One of CyberDome’s services includes the expertise to design and implement your in-house Security Operation Center (SOC). When we design a SOC, we consider the strategy that best suits your security needs and design it accord to those specifications. The SOC will serve as a base for security personnel to deliver the continuous  prevention, protection, detection and mitigation of threats. At CyberDome we will not only build the SOC, we will also manage the training of the Security teams to ensure that they optimize the functioning of the SOC and that your  organisation has continuous coverage and the supreme ability to uncover vulnerabilities, respond to threats, and handle any incidents that may be in progress on your networks or systems. 

CyberDome’s SOC design services will help organizations to:

  • Improved Response Time

    Empower analysts to respond swiftly to malware attacks. Malware is renowned for it’s ability to spread quickly, infecting key systems and encrypting, exfiltrating, or otherwise damaging data in seconds. The correct application of your needs translated into the SOC will ensure smooth running of any security incidents.

  • Recovery Activities

    APT, DDoS attacks, data exfiltration from insider and other threats. Each group of threats will have an appropriate response time
    assigned to it and the appropriate procedure to follow when an attack strikes. Correctly laid out procedures are another key to a well functioning SOC.

  • Improved Monitoring

    CyberDome’s design and implementation of the SOC will provide imperative real-time monitoring of logs and other system data to
    quickly formulate a response and mitigate the attack. Logs are also essential for some standards and compliance.

  • Incident Response

    Implementing an incident response policy means to always make sure to apply reverse engineering to the process when analysing an incident after it has happened. In this way your organizations incident response policy is constantly improved and updated. Ensuring
    constant improvement is the only way to defend against future attacks.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Gathering available information from within the
    organization and through open source selection. This threat intelligence database is key to creating threat categories and as a consequence to determine actionable reports.


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Security Operations Centers

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