IT Chaos: The Challenge for Enterprises and the Emergence of the MSSP Model

The chaos that ensues led by the confusion of enterprise IT departments to map out their network and put all the new technology pieces together. There is a constant stream of new products of all varieties for critical applications, cloud services and mobile. Completing that IT puzzle has become increasingly difficult due to the sheer pace of new products and services being introduced to the network, when the aim of that IT department is ‘merely’ to secure their network and avoid downtime.

The challenges for enterprises include securing cloud services and mobile device access. Enterprise focus to avoid downtime and mitigate potential availability is broadened to the ‘though shall not’ mother of all breaches, all things to do with data. Not just leakage, but active theft and the worst fear that every organization has, is to suffer massive reputational damage. Reputational damage can be irreversible, or at minimum freeze company activity to the bare bones. Whilst this is the fear of every enterprise, there are many other business risks that are potential to enterprises, with further risks added daily, constantly growing in their capabilities.  

So, its all good news. The exposure of enterprises to numerous and increasing threats that are also growing in their sophistication. With every breach you hear about in the news, it is clear how far attack perpetrators are willing to dare when breaching organizations and stealing data that can then be re-packaged to enable further attacks

In order to weed out services that may not fulfil your needs, we propose that your choice of MSSP should cover these aspects and provide these benefits:

1.       Reduce Costs – An organized MSSP will have a clear system and preferred pricing for their selection of software and applications because of their professional knowledge and stellar relationships. A well-structured MSSP will have reduced personnel costs because these costs are being balanced out as they are spread out among several customers using that same MSSP. As an organization with an in house security department you are limited to ensuring their full time schedule has been accounted for.

2.    Only Experts –   Superior MSSP’s will use the best products available on the market, after following a very methodological screening process. Each product will have been put through a clear cost/benefit analysis and clearly targeted to suit every organization’s needs and network. These MSSP’s will have senior experts in every field that will focus entirely on security challenges. The benefit here is that you are getting several of them – a whole team – and not just one.

3.       Full Coverage – Even with your own in house staff, full coverage is not that simple. The team provided by the MSSP will give your enterprise network blanket coverage  24/7/365 – including weekends and holidays. Even if you managed to fulfil that with your on premise team – the cost would blow your budget

4.        Shared Experience Benefits – Intelligence sharing is one of the benefits of sharing a security team with other MSSP customers. Your organization will benefit from your team knowing about other challenges and remediation possibilities at other customers. Your chances are increased many-fold that your MSSP team will observe the attack vectors on a different network and be able to in advance apply countermeasures to all the other enterprise network’s under their surveillance before it can cause any further damage.

The benefits of using an MSSP are varied and broad, compared to selecting an in house strategy. What is most important is that your organization is focused on their core competencies, and that means entrusting your IT Management to the right MSSP.

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