Simple, focused programs designed with incentives and other benefits that help you build and grow your Information Security solutions business.

Reseller Benefits

CyberDome extends special privileges to sales and service organizations who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to solutions based on CyberDome services. As with any partner program, your organization must complete a few prerequisites to qualify for specific benefits. You may encounter minor variations in the benefits and prerequisites between different sectors that are consistent with market differences. The CyberDome Partner Program provides a wide range of benefits for its members.

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    Authorization to Resell CyberDome services

    When you become a CyberDome partner, you are among a select group of companies authorized to procure CyberDome services and resell them to your clients.

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    Lead Registration Eligibility

    To reward and protect our partners, CyberDome offers a generous discount on services, based on being the first to bring CyberDome into a new opportunity.

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    Channel Development Funds

    CyberDome partners have access to Channel Development Funds (CDF) aimed at helping them grow their CyberDome solutions business. CDF can be used to fund campaigns and events designed to help you generate additional sales opportunities. Funds are made available on a proposal basis, through a joint sales and marketing plan.

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    Sales and Technical Certifications

    CyberDome offers its partners a full range of training classes to ensure that they are well-equipped to position solutions based on CyberDome services. Complimentary online web-based training, as well as traditional instructor-led classroom training formats are available.

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