Raising Cyber Security Awareness for Internal Employees

Shocking as this may sound; the majority of breaches from the network are by human error from within. At CyberDome we maintain that the key to the protection of your data and your general cyber security health is just as much in the hands of your employees as it is with your cyber security defense strategy.

Even with the very best cyber security policies and procedures in place, situations may arise where some employees will ignore them in the name of convenience and productivity. At this level of a tremendous amount of rules and regulations, human error has the potential to occur. Strict rule enforcement may improve the situation, but it will not be enough to seriously backtrack and minimize human error from within. Not to mention that these situations have the potential to be very stressful for employees, while costing additional resources and affecting the bottom line.

At CyberDome we believe that the best method for dealing with this type of negligence and security error internally is by educating those same employees on why security matters. You must raise general awareness within your company about the cyber threats your company faces and what it means to the company’s business continuity. We believe that the very best method for this would be to make educational sessions on a recurring basis. Education at this level should not be done on a one on one. Turn it into company policy and provide it with space and a name. Only being the very best practioner, is the substitute for better results.

Make sure that your employees understand why certain measures have been put into place and why. Show them the logic behind it. This is the way to recruit them to this important cause and they become part of your defense mechanism. As a company you will see that cases of negligence and human error will become less frequent. In our experience it is far better to provide better training for your employees then to deal with accidental actions that can lead to a data breach.

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