Our People

At CyberDome, we know well, that our team is our most important asset and that talent provides us with the ability to provide better services. Security expertise for us is the holy grail of our business. and we make it a priority to recruit the very best the industry has to offer across all disciplines. This is true from our threat researchers through to our security consultants, and also includes our incident responders and threat analysts

Our security experts are encouraged to maintain constant peer collaboration within the security community. This includes both law enforcement and government organizations and they must take an active role in industry and standards activities to ensure that their knowledge is always up to date.

We have cultivated our research department and selected our experts from Israel and Africa. Their role is to investigate threats, The research that is compiled by this team is used across all our operations and for all our customers to maximize your protection.

Once our teams have assesed your risk and general security posture, they will demonstrate to you how it can be improved and how you can meet your compliance regulations. They can also take it to the next level by designing the next stage of your security operations. 

We know how critical secutity is to your business continuity. We will protect your organization 24×7.


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