CyberDome’s Philosophy: We tailor our MSSP offerings to every client. Our design is reverse engineered once an organization’s security goals are defined, and that is the only factor that defines our agreement, the resources allocated to it and finally, it’s pricing. The MSSP format enables us to perform scale the un-scalable, and regularly schedule the tasks to which regularity is imperative, to ensure configurations, implementations, reporting, monitoring and upgrades. We will support your search for generic solutions and create whatever else you need that is lacking. We will do the needed integration and response; helping your IT team to optimize their efforts.


This model of a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) provides outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems on and off premises. In addition, MSSPs provide local and remote response to security threats. CyberDome offers a highly advanced Managed Security Services, combining consulting and professional services into a single managed solution. We have developed a proprietary security intelligence infrastructure that that interfaces with multiple technologies, providing a proactive and holistic approach for defending your organization from sophisticated cyber threats. The implementation of our tailor-made solutions is easy and fast, increasing your security while saving you time and money. The foundation of the CyberDome MSSP is built on:

  • High-availability Security Operation Centers (SOC) with 24/7 services

  • Security expertise as a service

  • Managed Security Infrastructure

  • Proven Methods Combining People Procedures & Technology

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More CyberDome Services

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Emergency Response

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Consulting Services


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Professional Services


Security Operations Centers

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Managed Services