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JOB #137 Sales Specialists, Cyber Experience Location Abuja, Nigeria


  • Consistently achieve quarterly and annual sales targets
  • Using industry knowledge and skills build and maintain a robust pipeline of qualified leads
  • Build strategic relationships with key customer decision makers that focus on solutions
  • Business Development activities to penetrate whitespace accounts
  • Provide accurate and timely forecasts
  • Develop a deep understanding of both the customer and competitive landscape, enabling a business dialogue to be conducted with C-Level contacts
  • Additional duties may be assigned as required

Job #122 Security Analysts – Cyber Experience, Location Abuja, Nigeria

Security Analyst be part of 24/7/365 Global Security Operations program. The position will operate in shifts to perform the initial intake of security events; triage potential incidents, determine the nature and scope of the event/incident, and classify the severity and priority of the incident. The analyst will review security log files, review and keep track of triggered events, research current and future threats, reconcile correlated security events, develop and modify new and current security correlation rule sets, and operate security operations equipment and technology. Read More

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