Is it time to move your cyber operations to an MSSP?

In these challenging times with low levels of skilled cyber experts and with hackers getting faster and smarter – how are we going to outsmart cyber crime?

We believe that there are four main advantages to making the move to an MSSP.

  1. Committing to a monthly service instead of purchasing hardware, software, and implementation services and figuring out how it relates to both the profit and loss statement (P&L) and balance sheet it might just be easier to pay monthly for a complete and well functioning service.
  2. Industry publications across the board bemoan the IT security expertise shortage and the high price tag of expert talent on your payroll.
  3. The costs of implementing a security solution, the hardware, software, implementation, support, and manpower is an inordinate amount of money for an ‘investment’ in infrastructure. Very difficult to show any type of ROI on such a massive investment.
  4. Consider that you have invested in the infrastructure. Are you sure about your 24x7x365 in-house monitoring capabilities?. The ability to spring into action at anytime to attend to a security alert (holidays and weekends, too) is a constant requirement

Moving to a retainer model

Moving from a capital expenditure to a retainer model, remote services can be just as effective. We have our experts at our site and you will have access to the services that you need that will grow with your company and maintain the security of your environment. The onus of finding skilled workers would fall on us to locate, train to have poised and ready for your needs.

Value Added Service Providers

MSSPs are value added service providers – they are responsible for all the costs of the hardware, software, implementation, and support. MSSPs have SOCs and provide round-the-clock real-time monitoring of their customers’ environments.

An MSSP is a service provider that delivers cybersecurity and management. Their offerings may include virus and spam blocking, intrusion detection, firewalls, and VPN. They spread the costs of doing their business across the breadth of their customer base. Most have built a model that understands the value of their investments and how long those investments have of useful life. The math is calculated down to a monthly fee per endpoint managed. Most are in the single digit range per endpoint, covering all the concerns listed above like firewalls, endpoints, gateways, etc. – and they do it all 24x7x365.

They have expert, certified employees that are dedicated to the cybersecurity environments they manage. The MSSP’s make the high cost investments to create their service offerings. Then the MSSPs are responsible for the round-the-clock, real-time monitoring. They spread the costs of their investments across their entire customer base, allowing those customers to pay for just a portion of the entire investment.

In this way, you can focus on what you do best, your business.

Perhaps now is time to take a look at value of moving to a MSSP?

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