Incident Response & Investigation through Managed Services

What happens when your organization has received a notification of a potential security breach, and now you need to respond quickly, effectively and with efficiency?

It should be noted, that without a comprehensive incident response plan, the roles, responsibilities, procedures and communications for your IT security team will not be prepared to make critical business decisions during an incident. What is required is smooth efficiency, laid out steps and the order to execute as each step is integral to the process as a whole.

Consider this scenario: The rapid containment and eradication of threats, minimizing the duration and impact of a security breach, defining the scope of the compromise, collecting and analyzing data related to the incident and issuing a report documenting the findings. It is a multi stage approach that needs to be affronted by the best. At CyberDome we make sure to remain constantly apprised of the latest threats and methods of data compromise.

 CyberDome’s Incident Response and Investigation service offers unmatched experience handling enterprise security incidents to prevent further harm to our customers and to critical business systems. CyberDome’s experts can remotely and immediately provide guidance to limit the impact of an attack on your network and preserve the integrity of any associated hardware, data or other digital evidence.

Due to this unique Response Service, we at CyberDome attempt to identify the source of the incident, isolate the affected systems, minimize the repercussions through containment and, finally, establish a removal and remediation strategy. Through our Forensics and Investigation methodologies, we can perform and simulate a comprehensive analysis within a wide variety of scenarios and on a wide range of devices. With the evidence we collect, we will be able to tell a complete story about what actually happened, step-by-step.

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