Hacking Your Own Network

Testing your network is one of the very best ways to combat Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). This can include active analysis or sandboxing. What could be better than the real deal of actually running it and watching it’s reaction on the network.

 It is true that vulnerability management tools exist to assist us in closing those obvious, gaping holes. At CyberDome we want to inform you that in our experience, there is no substitute for periodically hacking into your own networks or paying someone else to do it, in order to find where your vulnerabilities lie.

 An outsider is always going to be able to use ‘fresh eyes’ to take a critical look. A critical look is exactly what is needed to maintain continuous high level coverage to protect your network. One small breach can unleash a domino effect from which it may be hard to recover.

 Another way to approach this is to use a SaaS-based, on-demand security assessment tool against the most advanced multi-vector attacks and the latest threats. In our experience, simulations are an excellent way of delivering immediate results that provide a complete and overall picture of a company’s security posture, available 24 hours every day of the year. This method of cyber breach and attack simulation platform can be easily used to shorten the usual testing cycle and can then be harnessed to ramp up remediation. This service model is great for customers to control any vulnerability gaps that are detected in the network.

 Whatever method you choose to maintain an attack-defence mode for your organization, either taking advantage of a human external hacker or an internal security manager, or selecting the method that involves a SaaS solution that can do it automatically, please remember that any type of ‘hacking’ your own network is a critical skill against any future cyber APT attacks.

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