Employees are your Workplace Ambassadors for Cyber Security

Research is constantly shows statistics with high percentages of breaches – up to 38% due to employees. Sometimes malicious, but most of the times not. But employee negligence is one of the highest threats to any organization. Cybersecurity safety in the workplace is rising in importance if only due to the impact it can have on every aspect of business continuity. Incidents can range from the safe storage of information to the prevention of data breaches all of which can interrupt business continuity (reports claim up to 10 DAYS) and in turn can of course impact revenue. Cyberattacks at worst can bankrupt companies or cause them to be heavily fined by data protection authorities. Considering DPAs are on the increase, take special note of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which may even back-date fines.

In order for cybersecurity to be a priority at your firm, it needs to be discussed at the boardroom level. It is no longer sufficient to relegate this critical task to your IT person. Intelligent organizations are taking the right initiative to conduct regular security training awareness programs, with security teams empowered by boards to take whatever means are necessary to protect themselves from latest threats.

Our advice: Make cyber security a priority at your organization. Make sure it is discussed at the highest level and that your strategy fits seamlessly with your business needs in order to assure business continuity. We are here to help make that happen for organizations of all types in Nigeria.

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