CyberDome: Protecting Your Business

In today’s business and commercial climate Cyber Security activity is at its peak, particularly with regards to online transactions, massive customer databases and mobile banking. The sheer scale of this type of activity makes it nearly impossible not to fall prey to the routine cyber-attacks that have become all too common in 2018.  

This year, an estimated annual cost of £34bn has been spent repairing the damage caused to businesses by cyber-attacks – half of which came from lost revenues alone. Despite these damaging facts, two thirds of chief technology officers are claiming that cyber security policies are interfering in business innovation. Even worse, when contemplating that many business owners share that post-recession sense of austerity, feeling that money is tight, security is often pushed to the back of the line, and not prioritized as an important business investment, precisely for those very same reasons of business continuity.

We cannot emphasize this enough: The risk of a data breach is still very real, it is more likely then not. Many times, when businesses are attacked, and only once they have been attacked do they then realize the depth of their vulnerabilities. At CyberDome, we are here to challenge that status quo and deliver cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions that cause minimal disruption to your flow-of-business, in order to provide the very best business continuity that can be offered on the market today.

All this so you can have peace of mind that your business is safe.

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