MSSP plan

Why your organization should be planning for an MSSP in the coming year?

Dear CIO – if serenity is what you are after, then perhaps I might offer some suggestions? The IT world is gaining more clarity every day regarding the numerous advantages of working in an MSSP model. There has been much research conducted amongst IT professionals in this regard, and the top 3 benefits are clear.…

Cloud Computing and Nature Concept

IT Chaos: The Challenge for Enterprises and the Emergence of the MSSP Model

The chaos that ensues led by the confusion of enterprise IT departments to map out their network and put all the new technology pieces together. There is a constant stream of new products of all varieties for critical applications, cloud services and mobile. Completing that IT puzzle has become increasingly difficult due to the sheer pace…

CD roundup

2018 Cyber Security Landscape – What Are We Looking For?

Following our previous summary of cyber-attacks in 2017, we’d like to draw some conclusions and expand on trends for 2018. At CyberDome we believe that it is important to be specific and proactive about these conclusions, when watching your cyber radar and planning ahead for your organizations cyber needs. As a result of the increased…



Welcome to our blog, where we will discuss cyber security; issues involving analysis, critical infrastructure and defense affecting organizations with a special focus on Africa. We will highlight high-risk, high-threat, complex and regulated (SOX, PCI, HIPAA, CIP, etc.) environments. The conversations will be relevant across industries and include Energy, Finance, Defense Agencies, Government and Healthcare.…

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