What are the cyber security repercussions during an election? Are candidates websites are at risk?

Only today there are reports about cyber election tampering in the mid term elections in the United States and also in India. It seems to be an epidemic that is spreading. Social media has become the command center of any type of campaign, certainly political campaigns, in order to communicate with the electorate on the…


The Role of Governmental Digitization

Remember what is like to stand in line to get a new passport issued, or a driving license renewed? In some countries it was an all-day activity! Then digitization came along in several phases, and it took all of those phases for digitization to evolve and for everything to function well. There are many benefits…


Cyber Security and Democratic and Fair Elections

The distributed denial-of-service attack knocked some servers offline during a local election. The situation forced Knox county to call in an outside security contractor to investigate the cause. The attack took the Knox County Election Commission site displaying results of the county mayoral primary offline during voting. The county resorted to distributing printed results during the outage. In what…

e mail

What is the best Defense for E Mail Attacks?

It is rarely malicious employees who are the sole source of insider threats. It is often well intentioned ones that inadvertently help perpetrators by providing them with a way to get into your system. Attackers use phishing techniques, such as spam e-mails in order to find out information about employees, receive their credentials or infect your…


Raising Cyber Security Awareness for Internal Employees

Shocking as this may sound; the majority of breaches from the network are by human error from within. At CyberDome we maintain that the key to the protection of your data and your general cyber security health is just as much in the hands of your employees as it is with your cyber security defense…

value training

What is the Value of Cyber Security Training for Employees?

In an ever more complex business world, cyber security can often be an afterthought for businesses. Companies do not generally provide cyber security awareness training to employees or their IT teams. They cannot put names to the various technical aspects and if they do conduct employee trainings, it is often a one off event. This…

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