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CyberDome: Protecting Your Business

In today’s business and commercial climate Cyber Security activity is at its peak, particularly with regards to online transactions, massive customer databases and mobile banking. The sheer scale of this type of activity makes it nearly impossible not to fall prey to the routine cyber-attacks that have become all too common in 2018.   This…

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What is the best Defense for E Mail Attacks? #phishing

It is rarely malicious employees who are the sole source of insider threats. It is often well intentioned ones that inadvertently help perpetrators by providing them with a way to get into your system. Attackers use phishing techniques, such as spam e-mails in order to find out information about employees, receive their credentials or infect your…


How Thinking like a Criminal serves your organization?

Thinking like a criminal, quite literally putting yourself empathetically into the cyber hacker’s shoes, could be the very best way to protect your organization from cyber crime. Let’s reverse engineer this. A scenario of not patching in a timely manner should include a cost-benefit analysis of a series of worst case scenarios. These would include…

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Our People

At CyberDome, we know well, that our team is our most important asset and that talent provides us with the ability to provide better services. Security expertise for us is the holy grail of our business. and we make it a priority to recruit the very best the industry has to offer across all disciplines.…


Hacking Your Own Network

Testing your network is one of the very best ways to combat Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). This can include active analysis or sandboxing. What could be better than the real deal of actually running it and watching it’s reaction on the network.  It is true that vulnerability management tools exist to assist us in closing…


What do Nigerian Governmental Agencies need to do in order to ensure Security Compliance?

Endpoints are the key to enforcing corporate and regulatory compliance in any organization. The more complex and distributed networks grow, the struggle to implement compliance across each remote workstation is augmented. Compliance standards in any organization are a fundamental sign as to whether it will have success or fail. Maintaining defined corporate policies and complying…

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