The Proliferation of Crypto-mining Malware in Nigeria.

This is just one of the many cases in Nigeria today. Many organization’s IT infrastructure has been owned by attackers and they are heavily contributing to the money this threat actors can make in cryptocurrency value every year.


Incident Response & Investigation through Managed Services

What happens when your organization has received a notification of a potential security breach, and now you need to respond quickly, effectively and with efficiency? It should be noted, that without a comprehensive incident response plan, the roles, responsibilities, procedures and communications for your IT security team will not be prepared to make critical business…


How to Build an Effective Security Operations Center (SOC)

So you have finally arrived at the conclusion that you have the variables in place at your organization, and that it’s time to establish your very own SOC. You are well aware of the complexities of building a SOC, and that there are so many variables to consider. First the outer shell concept, then the…

MSSP pic

Is it time to move your cyber operations to an MSSP?

In these challenging times with low levels of skilled cyber experts and with hackers getting faster and smarter – how are we going to outsmart cyber crime? We believe that there are four main advantages to making the move to an MSSP. Committing to a monthly service instead of purchasing hardware, software, and implementation services…


Automation and Orchestration; The paradigm shift transforming Cybersecurity Managed Services

There are many challenges in cybersecurity today, not least of which is lack of specialized manpower to fulfil key roles within the cybersecurity discipline. Some new developments within this field, include automation and orchestration, that is shifting the way that cybersecurity teams are operating on a day-to-day basis. Whereas before there were so many broken-down…


When is it Right to Setup a Security Operations Center?

WSetting up a well-functioning security SOC brings many processes together. Building the delicate balance across people, processes, and technology has to be weaved together, and precision is a key and foundational element. The risks involved with anything related to IT security are rising progressively and business across the global divide are seeking the best way…