Automation and Orchestration; The paradigm shift transforming Cybersecurity Managed Services

There are many challenges in cybersecurity today, not least of which is lack of specialized manpower to fulfil key roles within the cybersecurity discipline. Some new developments within this field, include automation and orchestration, that is shifting the way that cybersecurity teams are operating on a day-to-day basis. Whereas before there were so many broken-down aspects of fulfilling a broad and complete cyber security service, it was a challenge to see the big picture. The new possibilities that automation and orchestration have to offer is transforming the industry and maek it possible to drill down from the macro view to the micro one.

Digitalisation has made it possible for organisations to become increasingly agile, flexible, scalable and transform at the ‘speed of light’. It is because of digital transformation that cybersecurity has been fortunate to play a more significant part in an organisation’s success. Now that companies have experienced the massive financial and reputational damages a single breach or cyber-attack might have, it is ‘fortunately’, no longer financially sustainable not to be secure. Organisations are considering security at much higher levels within their ranks, at the board level and are planning for it in every department.

It did take some time for this to happen, but now that it has, what does it mean for cybersecurity experts? Organizational demands on cybersecurity teams are growing. Companies have an expanding digital footprint, an increasing list of regulatory and data privacy requirements to fulfil. Add that to the growth in volume and sophistication of attacks. Keeping a business secure is hard work. Trying to be innovative and most importantly proactive with your security approach is a tall order.

The hope surrounding orchestration and automation in security is real. Here’s to hoping that it will ease the burden on cybersecurity teams, helping them to focus their training on the more complex aspects of cybersecurity. Not to mention the need to employ less of cybersecurity personnel. Security automation, is the automation of multiple tasks, processes and workflows across multiple cybersecurity tools and systems. It means that the same task would require human intervention or the use of more than one security tool. Previously those same services would have been a fragmented set of technologies, controls and products that are now integrated, for the purpose of better cyber intelligence sharing and improved threat detection and response. 

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