The CyberDome Academy

The Academy provides professional instruction for cyber security experts to further and develop their skills as cyber forensic information technology scientists and information security professionals. CyberDome instructors are among the leading professional trainers and information security specialists that are not only trainers, but are practicing professionals, performing regular incident response and processing digital forensic cases. All of our professional courses are taught on several levels, and we can customize training courses based on the needs of your organization.

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CyberDome’s instructors know what it means to be ‘the best of the best’.

When you train with us, we guarantee that you will learn the Israeli way of protecting your organization from cyber attacks. The profound experience created by the CyberDome curriculum will ensure that the information is internalized and imbued on a very practical level.

We guarantee, based on availability, that you can always refresh course curriculum at no further cost for any course in which you have participated, forever.


CYBER AWARENESS – An all-inclusive training course on cyber security

If the risk that comes along with cyber-attacks will be mitigated, it is necessary that one be kept abreast with the underlying factors related to varieties of threats in the day’s cyber world before you would be able to identify each security threats correctly. Once a whole picture of the threat landscape has been drawn, then plans can be made on how to mitigate and respond to those same threats. Preventing data leakage and protecting your company’s reputation is the holy grail of all cyber security planning. Education is the only way to raise awareness and minimize those incidents, particularly those primarily based on human error.

CYBER CERTIFICATIONS – To uphold regulatory security standards

Our company offer industry standardized and recognized security certifications. With our CyberDome’s courses, you would be equipped with new vantage to other competitors because companies hover through expert capabilities and professionalism and this is just one of their criterion. At CyberDome we offer top notch security certification training and qualifications based on internationally recognized standards. We offer certifications providing an understanding of information security’s key concepts to include: confidentiality, integrity, availability, vulnerability, threats, risks and countermeasures. Courses include CISSP, GDPR and more.

CYBER COMPLIANCE – To uphold regulatory security standards

With the understanding that robust and proficient IT personnel as the core drivers of industry security compliance standards as well as regulatory policies. Hence we ensure that we output IT personnel to meet up the industry challenging task of not just the system but the personnel to implement these security policies. Every industry has its compliance standards and regulatory requirements. It is not enough for these Cyber Compliance Courses to provide compliance models, but provide IT security personnel with the skill to apply compliance standards without harming business activity. Poorly used models can impact just that. Courses include GDPR, Cyber Principles, Data Protection, NIST.

CYBER SECURITY OPERATIONS – Functional Security Management

Here, you would be equipped with the technical know-how on functional security management with a forward-looking approach to real life incidents. By that, you would be able to Improve your experience and ability to respond, and best utilize your SOC and SIEM platforms. Simulate techniques and first responder skills to support a broad range of security incidents that include: common cyber threats, advanced attack vectors, detecting and reporting. Learn how to be proactive and consistently improve your organization’s security posture.

Course include Malware, reverse engineering, vulnerability management and encryption. Cloud security practitioner, cloud architecture, cloud security, cyber threats, IT security principles, network security Essentials, Malware, SOC Analyst.

CYBER INCIDENT RESPONSE - Crisis management and communications

Crises are industry specific. In response to such awareness, we follow a dynamic Cyber Crises Management and Incident Response so that every uncalled situation will be adequately managed with the best tool for the time being. Typical business continuity scenarios can be simulated, but a ‘crisis’ is an event that forces security professional to learn a whole different set of principles as they deal with the cycle that involves many unknown factors in a cyber crisis. Being able to prioritize each step of the cycle is imperative to best crisis management. Courses include Crisis management and first responder workshops.

CYBER SECURE DEVLOPER –Security project managers, software developers, and test teams

Hackers are acutely aware of security vulnerabilities, and they know the appropriate tool to exploit such vulnerability. Hence, the need for the safety and a necessary part of an intrinsic network design cannot be overemphasized. In these courses, we demonstrate how software developers and business analysts can manage the development lifecycle. Security advocacy within the development community is key to limiting that wave of vulnerable applications being released by organizations into their enterprise and online. Secure development training expands safe and defensive coding that is secure by design. Keeping an eye on OSWAP vulnerabilities and addressing them in advance can be fundamental to not having later regret. Courses include levels of Developer Application security.

CYBER INTELLIGENCE –Security project managers, software developers, and test teams

Data leakage is not a thing to leave to chance. With the Open Source, Cyber Intelligence (OSCI) provides the cyber security analyst and digital investigator the ability to map your digital footprint and understand the liabilities that stem from that reality. Data leakage which has a whole host of responsibilities putting your organization at risk is the holy grail of the cyber intelligence skill. Developing these skills will provide essential actionable insight into what harm potential attackers could do.

Our cyber intelligence courses provide the skills to become proficient at discovering critical pieces of information on the Internet. Course includes: The Dark Web, Cyber Crime, Cyber Investigator, Cyber Intelligence.

DIGITAL FORENSICS – For security professionals, law enforcement, and government

Organizations are in constant need for forensic security placement because they are confronted with security challenges at all time. Cyber-enabled crime from insider threats must be addressed. Our training focuses on forensic fundamentals to advanced topics covering methods to identify, preserve, analyze and report. We are at the forefront of providing a ground-breaking approach to new and best practice techniques to teach how to select suitable tools and report evidence in a ‘use case’ scenario. We will show you how to preserve the chain of custody by informing you of the changing digital forensic landscape and the corresponding legal gaps. Our courses include: Data collection, forensics, investigation.

CYBER DEFENSE – For defending IT networks, applications, and infrastructure

Here, you would be made to understand and how to remain up-to-date with security breaches. We offer a range of pen testing and hacking skills courses designed to bring your skills to the next level. Develop your existing level of knowledge to common hacking tools and accelerate your offensive defense skills. Our courses will demonstrate the very latest vulnerabilities in our virtual lab, and we will teach you advanced hacking skills and how to protect your organization’s best to protect themselves better. Courses include: infrastructure hacking, penetration tools, general hacking, threats.

GOVERNANCE – For security practitioners in the government industry

There is yet no antidote to security leakage. Even government information can also be leaked. This course is unique to help IT personnel in the governmental sector to have a proper understanding of the particular range of threats and risks. You are also handling massive amounts of confidential data that needs to be properly looked after and protected. There are further risks involved when collaborating with other bodies, and mitigating risk needs to be implemented appropriately for the government sector. Our information assurance training is targeted at both public and private sector security professionals to provide the methodology surrounding IA issues and how it can be applied in risk assessments that fall in with best practices. We will share case studies that illustrate the impact on business continuity, evaluation and sanitizing, and the markers of compromise that can be applied to scenarios and keep you one step ahead of the challenges.