The CyberDome Academy

The Academy provides professional instruction for cyber security experts to further and develop their skills as cyber forensic information technology scientists and information security professionals. CyberDome instructors are among the leading professional trainers and information security specialists that are not only trainers, but are practicing professionals, performing regular incident response and processing digital forensic cases. All of our professional courses are taught on several levels, and we can customize training courses based on the needs of your organization.

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CyberDome’s instructors know what it means to be ‘the best of the best’.

When you train with us, we guarantee that you will learn the Israeli way of protecting your organization from cyber attacks. The profound experience created by the CyberDome curriculum will ensure that the information is internalized and imbued on a very practical level.

We guarantee, based on availability, that you can always refresh course curriculum at no further cost for any course in which you have participated, forever.


If the risk that comes along with cyber-attacks will be mitigated, it is necessary that one be kept abreast with the underlying factors related to varieties of threats in the day’s cyber world before you would be able to identify each security threats correctly. Once a whole picture of the threat landscape has been drawn, then plans can be made on how to mitigate and respond to those same threats. Preventing data leakage and protecting your company’s reputation is the holy grail of all cyber security planning. Education is the only way to raise awareness and minimize those incidents, particularly those primarily based on human error.