UBA is a cyber security process regarding the detection of insider threats, targeted attacks, and financial fraud. UBA tools use a specialized type of security analytics that focuses on the behavior of systems and the people using them. It enables organizations to assess their progress to forge the thorough scrutiny in applying security postures that safeguard confidentiality, integrity and the availability of data to the right user.  Threats can be driven internally by trusted individuals with sensitive data, making it extremely difficult for a security analyst to see these threats because conventional products don’t focus on identifying malicious intent within the system. These breaches are not necessarily intentionally malicious, but could also be negligent or accidental.

CyberDome’s Philosophy: User Behavioral Analytics function by sharing how each user typically acts, behaves and communicates giving network security the tools to spot anomalous behaviour of credential users.  UBA can detect suspicious geolocation sequences because most users work remotely from different locations. UBA considers the legitimacy of every remote login. With the sophisticated use of algorithms and statistical analysis, UBA systems can help predict attacks. UBA should be at the forefront of security network architectures today, and  will monitor every account for unusual activity based on the baseline established for each account and observe users across the entire organization as a whole. Unusual data movements can alert the system to a potential live attack. The system can halt the data flow almost immediately.


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