CyberDome – About Us

Hackers, malware, spyware, ransomware, adware, scareware …the threats seem to be endless and rapidly multiplying.Malicious people and software can infiltrate mission critical networks, steal, alter, hold hostage or destroy critical data and even take control of vital procedures and facilities.

Now there’s a solution – CyberDome.

It provides 24/7 cyber protection via 360 degree security.

A global cyber security service supplier, headquartered in Nigeria and Israel, CyberDome provides the best security innovations from the State of Israel.

Completely and exclusively focused on cyber security, CyberDome offers a full-service solution portfolio to meet all your security needs: Products, Audits, Integration Services, Managed Services and even Training.

CyberDome is proud to be a security-focused, engineer-driven company that has successfully delivered solutions,in a wide variety of industry verticals, for over a decade. Thanks to this extensive activity, our security solutions are today more prevalent than ever, safeguarding millions of computers in organizations, enterprises and governments around the globe.


  • Substantial manpower capable of providing a rapid response at the client’s site.
  • Services and products targeted to a specific purpose or an entire systematic process, including top quality training of local personnel, either by us or at the client’s locale.
  • As an MSSP we’re active, at a very high level, both in Nigeria and Israel – located close to our clients and capable of providing immediate Tier 1- 4 responses on site or via remote experts.
  • A SOC SIEM can be installed at the client’s site or provided as a service from CyberDome’s MSSP Center.
  • The Cyber Academy at our Cyber Center holds regular lectures and training sessions to bridge knowledge gaps and build capacity.

A Growing Challenge

CyberDome understands the challenges and complexities facing today’s organizations seeking protection from developing threats: the severe shortage of security experts, inefficient processes and the many new complicated technologies that provide only partial solutions.

A single track approach, such as technology only, is insufficient to handle these intricate problems.

A Comprehensive Solution

Our security solution is built on a combined approach of innovative technologies, world renowned expertise and high intelligence capabilities.  And unlike others, we cover the entire life cycle of security operations: prevention, detection, response and investigation.


Thanks to more than a decade of experience, CyberDome’s cyber security technologies have been fined tuned to locate and eliminate threats missed by others. Our technologies enable:


  • Methodological and continuous defense of the organization, beginning with the headquarters and covering every satellite office
  • Focused identification and prevention of threats, based on zero-day and other diffusive attacks
  • Prioritization of attacks using intelligence information
  • Analysis of the entire attack, by the number of attack vectors
  • A fast and appropriate response via a timed and automatic workflow

Our solutions also integrate into an organization’s existing legacy systems, protecting its investment, with no budgetary dependence, whatever the size.


Curbing cyber-attacks begins with a solution built on deep knowledge of cyber enemies and their tactics. Our intelligence gathering techniques and procedures include:

  • Intelligence collection by international security experts and smart software experts
  • Intelligence gathering from cyber events all around the world
  • The creation of a database of hundreds of potential attackers, discovered via the internet and especially from the dark web
  • The use of dark web agents
  • Real-time discovery of cyber-attacks


CyberDome’s world renowned security specialists are experts in their field, with tremendous experience in the discovery, prevention, analysis and response to cyber-attacks, including new attacks that have never before been seen. We consistently make use of their vast knowledge and experience in developing our products and services.


  • Over a decade of experience fighting the most sophisticated cyber threats in the world
  • Top-tier response teams with international reputations
  • Exceptional security advisers using cutting-edge technologies
  • Experienced cyber researchers that can analyze the Geo-political factors contributing to cyber-attacks
  • A cutting-edge forensics team that rapidly analyzes all pertinent data, to determine who carried out an attack, where and why